2015 Shanghai Internationl Invitational OP Sailing Competition Rules

2015 Shanghai Internationl Invitational OP Sailing Competition Rules

1、Host Unit:Shanghai Sports Bureau

2、Organized Units: Shanghai Water Sports Center,Shanghai Boats Sports Association, Shanghai Yacht Club and Resort(SYC)

3、Sponsor Units:

4、Competition date and place

The competition will be heldfrom August 21, 2015 to August 24 , 2015 on Shanghai Yacht Club and Resort, No 588 Jinshang Road, Qingpu District, Shanghai, DianshanLake.

5、Competition projects

(1)Male group A

(2) Male group B

(3) Female Group A

(4)Female Group B

6、Restrictions for Participating in the competition

(1) to participate in the competition of athletes, coachesmust hold their sailing windsurfing association membership card. (or the related certificate)

(2) to participate in the competition of athletesmust have a valid personal insurance certificate.

(3)Each team include one team leader,one coach ,15athletes .Exceed personnelshouldbear his own expenses.

(4)The male athletes and female athletes in group A ,should be born from January 1th, 2000 to December 31th,2002.The male athletes and female athletes in group B,should be born after January 1th, 2003.

7、 Registration

(5) Please send application form、photographs、effective personinsurance certificate to the email: sycgary@163.com

(6) Entry Fee: 400RMB

(7)Registration Address:Jinshang Road NO.588,Qingpu District, Shanghai,China(Shanghai Meifan Yacht Club)


(8) CompetitionRules:Usingthe International Sailing Federation 2013-2016sailing competition rules, OP level rules, thiscompetition rules, the competition announcement, sailing detailsand modify complement.

(9) Competition equipment:Congress provideOP sailing boat hull, rudder and centerboard for stability. Beyond the hull, each team can replaceother equipment by themselves butneed to comply with the levelof rules, and after the congress measured and approved ,then can take part in the competition.Beyond personnelshould pay everyrent equipment is RMB1500 yuan, RMB1000 yuan for damage deposit.

(10)Athletes must wear a life jacketin the game, or cancel the competition qualification.


August 21th 2015(Friday)

Morning Registration

13:00 Coaches technical meeting(Hulldraw)

14:00-16:00 Distribute the hull measure the sails

17:30 The opening ceremony, welcome party, teamsperformances

August 22th 2015(Saturday)

9:00AM-16:00PM Race

August 23th 2015(Sunday)

9:00AM-16:00PM Race

August 24th 2015(Monday)

9:00AM-12:00AM Race, Game over, Return the equipment

17:00PM The awardceremony, Farewell party, Teamsperformances

August 25th 2015(Tuesday)



Each project first- sixth will be rewarded ,and will take all the total group team three best results scoring for group trophy.

10、The arbitration commission and judges

The arbitration commission and judgesappointed by Shanghai Boats Sports Association

11、 If something was not stated completely,we will give further notice.

Shanghai International Yacht Marina    2015