The Young Sailor

 Name: Zhou Ziyue

  Age: 11

  School: Minhang Experimental School

  Sailing experience: 2 years

      In the recent years a group of white collar sailing amateurs have become the main power of China sailing industry. Ziyue’s mother is one of them. They started sailing 3 years ago sooner bought a second-hand Weta. They raced many times with their lovely boat. In the meantime they also invited their friends come to the club to experience sailing.

     At the very beginning Ziyue was just an audience on the boat but after she tried her first time as the skipper she thought that sailing was very interesting. So she started learning Optimist from our instructor and she was very talented at the sport. It’s very interesting that she enjoy sailing alone with Op rather than with her parents in weta.


      Daliana is 18 years old and she has been admitted to Oxford Herford College this year. Her parents both love sailing very much so she started sailing when she was a little girl. Since then she has been sailed over 10 years, from Op to Weta. From the look she has you would think the girl is thin and pale but deep inside her she is strong and tough.

     “There are two main reasons which makes me like sailing: First is the sport brings challenge to me, it needs both strength and mind. You have to look the wind and consider the course also you should have a good understanding of strategy and cooperation with you crew/skipper during a race. What’s more, sailing has broadened my social friend zone, through sailing I got lots of friends from over the world and I really like their culture. I think I will keep sailing as a lifelong hobby.”


     Linda is 18 years old and her sailing is 3 years. She was got admitted to Cambridge this year with major in biology. Linda’s family is very famous at the club. Their reputation is earned by race, you could see them in almost every month race.

     “I was 10th grade when I went on a boat first time. In the very first beginning it was because my mother was learning sailing and she took me with her. At that time I thought sailing was a very interesting thing so my mom decided to invite some instructors to teach dinghy course at Dianshan lake. Then as a sailor of Club’s Women Racing Team I won lots of prize during the race. Few years later I went for the China Cup as a passenger, I had a great time with my mother’s friend and their children.

     According to my search that there is a sailing club at Cambridge, but it was neither near a lake nor the sea and there was just a river nearby, as a result not so many people would sail then. I’m very likely to go sail in other city’s sailing club. Of course I would like to race in China when I come back during my vacation. I like racing because it is fun and exciting


Scott Hansen

Age: 17

School: Shanghai American School

Sailing Experience: 6 years

      The story of Scott’s sailing is not that simple. The first time he went sailing was at the age of 11 in Denmark. He saw his brother capsized and had difficulty recovering it which made him frustrated. The scene frightened him and he didn’t want to sail anymore. Few years later his family moved to Shanghai and his father became a member of Shanghai Yacht Club. After he struggled several times he sailed with his father again and then he couldn’t stop sailing every weekend.

      His birthday wish is to join an international race. Finally in this year’s May his dream came true. During the Tokyo International Invitation Youth Regatta he raced with young sailors like him from British, Denmark, Singapore and so on. Scott also set up a school sailing team with his classmates to let more people join the sport.

     Now he is one of the best sailors in the club and he want to dedicate his life to sailing. Shanghai Yacht Club gives teenagers like Scott a platform to exchange skills and ideas of sailing so that they could race whenever they want to.

Shanghai International Yacht Marina    2015