Annual Teaching Repor

        Recent years all kinds of sailing training course have emerged in China, no matter youth sailing camp or adult course they are all welcomed by beginners. Shanghai Yacht Club is using IYT syllabus from Canada as its training system right now. There are only two clubs are authorized by IYT center, one of them is Beijing Sailing Center and another one is us. There is at least one section opening each month and each one contains 6-12 students. We teach over 200 people all through the year. This year with the new online system we could manage our students’ certification much easier, with the students number they could check their certification status and acquire new data online. The reason why we choose IYT is because it has strict requirements for passing the course and the ability to innovate.

        Through this years’ training we have more members joined in. SYCR can see an interesting phenomenon that whole family came to learn sailing together and usually the wife would beat their husband in a race! It shows that there are more women sailors rising up and they are not like traditional Chinese women choosing to stay at home and look after child. They would take their child with them to enjoy the sun and water, a happy family is what sailing brings to them. Influenced by their parents most kids would like to learn OP and there we have a new young sailor!

        We have been focused on youth sailing from the beginning of its foundation. The sailing summer camp has been taken place in the last 10 years. This year we had 9 classes and each class contains 25 children. The summer camp last 5 days, mainly filled with sailing but also including water sports like kayaking and paddling. We also invited bilingual instructor to communicate with students both in English and Chinese. During 5 days learning of sailing many kids just fall in love with it. We hope that we could promote sailing environment and let more and more people especially teenagers to join the fun sport.

        Through sailing many kids have learned the ability to resolve problems by themselves, they also improved their strength, wisdom and how to make decision more carefully. Many parents find that after their children finish the summer camp they came home become more mature and reliable. We think that sailing is a really good sport to help kids to learn skills and develop a lot good quality for them.

        Apart from sailing course and youth summer camp, we had a lots of sailing knowledge lecture and lessons. We cooperate with schools, companies and travel agencies to start sailing experience event, each month we would have over 200 children came to our club learning knots, rigging of Op and lecture about sailing theory. These events help children and adults who live in the downtown area have the opportunity to get knowing about this fascinating sport. We believe that if we keep doing these activities sand let more people experience sailing it would have a positive effect on China’s sailing industry. We are also sure that the attraction of sailing itself would make more people to fall in love with it.

Shanghai International Yacht Marina    2015